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A Machinery Of Denial: Chicago police officer Gil Sierra shot three black men in six months before his job was close to being in jeopardy. This is how the city with more police shootings than any other in America circles its wagons.

"It was a cold night in Chicago, and the officers wore black masks over their faces.

Officer Gildardo Sierra had been on the force for nearly a decade and Officer Raoul Mosqueda for more than four years, but the men had never met before Jan. 6, 2011, the night they were assigned as partners for a 9 p.m. shift. Sierra rode shotgun as Mosqueda drove the blue and white police truck through the 7th District, which is on the city’s South Side...

...Farmer’s girlfriend, Tanesha Whitaker, was angry when she heard the announcement. Her guilt, however, outweighed her anger. She was the one who had called the police on Farmer, the father of her 3-year-old daughter. He had hit Whitaker. She still had bruises on her face when she met with lawyer Craig Sandberg to discuss the civil suit some days after the shooting. 'She thought his death was her fault,' Sandberg said. 'She wondered if maybe she shouldn’t have called the cops.'....

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