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Rule 14's Slow Road to Justice for Police Who Lie

From DNAinfo Chicago

BRONZEVILLE — Tiffany Magby can't help it — she doesn't trust Chicago police.

"If I was stranded somewhere in the middle of the night and a police car showed up I wouldn't get in," she said.

And that's got everything to do with the flirty officer who grabbed her sister at a Bronzeville Walgreens — and lied to cover it up.

Magby's story is among dozens of cases involving Chicago police — from beat cops to veteran lieutenants — who made up stories, filed false reports or told lies to cover up their actions or the lies of fellow cops, a Chicago investigation into the Chicago Police Department code of silence found . . .

. . . On Sept. 21, 2009, Mendoza's attorneys, Craig Sandberg and Steven Muslin, filed a federal lawsuit. A federal judge earlier this month, however, dismissed the case and ruled Mendoza's lawsuit didn't belong in federal court. Sandberg and Muslin said they're considering whether to appeal that decision or file a new lawsuit in Cook County court . . .

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