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Wrongful Death

Though no amount of money can truly compensate for a loved one’s death due to someone else’s wrongful act, Illinois courts provide survivors a mechanism to pursue some financial recovery for their loss. Common Causes of Wrongful Death Many types… Read More

Medical Malpractice Law

Few people anticipate needing the services of a Chicago medical malpractice attorney. When we go to a doctor or a hospital, we expect that we will receive the best possible care the medical profession has to offer. Unfortunately, that is not always t… Read More

Product Liability Cases

In the course of our daily lives, we use countless products, never expecting to be injured by them. We rightly assume that when used as directed, products should be safe and reliable. Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured or die each year be… Read More

Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents cause thousands of injuries and deaths in Chicago every year. According to, a person is killed every 14 seconds in a car accident. Illinois recorded a total of 1,453 deaths resulting from fatal motor vehicle crashes i… Read More

Airplane Accidents

Airplane travel is often necessary, but plane crashes can result in devastating injury or death to those involved. Many airplane accidents occur as a result of personal error or malfunctioning parts. Airplane accidents can devastate entire communitie… Read More

Train Accidents

Because trains, both commuter and cross-country, carry so many people, train accidents can cause significant injury as well as great damage to property. Many train accidents occur as a result of human error or malfunctioning parts. The Chicago accide… Read More

Construction Negligence

Whether on small projects for individual homeowners. or major projects for large commercial developments, construction workers face dangerous working conditions every day. As a result, serious work-related injuries at construction sites occur with al… Read More

Drug Products Liability

Each year, thousands of people die from, or are seriously injured by, prescription and over-the-counter drugs they believe to be safe. Many of these defective drugs are inadequately tested or have insufficient warnings on their labels. Have you suffe… Read More

Premises Liability

People are severely injured every day in buildings, parking lots and on other premises. Sometimes those injuries are the result of poor upkeep of those premises by their owners or property managers. In those situations, the injured party or their fam… Read More

Birth Injury Law

The birth of a baby is supposed to be a time of pure celebration and joy, but for parents of children who suffer birth injuries, happy visions of the future are replaced with fear and uncertainty. If your baby has suffered a birth injury, contact San… Read More

Truck Accidents

If you have been injured as a result of a truck accident, we can help. Sandberg Law Office, P.C. is a law firm that is nationally-recognized and award-winning. Based in Chicago, truck accident firm of Sandberg Law Office, P.C. has recovered millions… Read More

Police Misconduct

Have your you or a family member been victimized by police misconduct? This includes wrongful arrests and excessive force in the form of police brutality and unjustified police shootings. At Sandberg Law Office, P.C., our police misconduct attorneys… Read More

Criminal Defense

To prevail in the criminal justice system, the law firm of Sandberg Law Office, P.C. draws on its in-depth knowledge of federal and state criminal laws. Successful defense requires mental dexterity for forging winning strategies, painting defendants… Read More

Appellate Practice

Craig M. Sandberg is highly regarded for handling significant appeals at all levels of federal and state courts. He recognizes the unique demands of appellate courts and is highly skilled in providing concise and forceful written briefs, along with d… Read More

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