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Airplane Accidents

Airplane travel is often necessary, but plane crashes can result in devastating injury or death to those involved. Many airplane accidents occur as a result of personal error or malfunctioning parts. Airplane accidents can devastate entire communities, cause untold property damage and leave many families in distress.

Airplane accident cases require sophisticated investigation, evidence gathering and case evaluation in order to go to trial or reach settlement. Sandberg Law Office, P.C. has in-depth knowledge of the various federal, state and even international bodies that are responsible for investigating airplane accidents and collecting crucial data that can aid a victim’s case.

Sandberg Law Office, P.C. understands plane crash injury law and have the resources and skills necessary to take on the large corporations that may be responsible for a plane crash injury or death. Our attorneys have achieved favorable results for our clients in aviation accident cases.

The skilled lawyers at Sandberg Law Office, P.C. know how to evaluate an airplane accident case and how to determine if negligence was involved and if so, who was responsible. The injury attorneys at Sandberg Law Office, P.C. are experienced at delivering legal advice regarding aviation accidents, and have the resources necessary to fight and win complex airplane accident matters, whether by trial or settlement.

Prior to representing decedent's estates and individuals in aviation-related matters, Craig M. Sandberg represented clients ranging from pilots, individual aircraft owners and fixed-base operators, corporate aviation departments, and major and regional airlines in many types of general and commercial aviation claims, from air crash disasters and the jurisdictional issues that often accompany them to personal injuries on aircraft and in airport environments, and contractual and warranty disputes. Mr. Sandberg worked on legal teams retained immediately following incidents to represent and counsel clients in matters involving the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and to counsel clients regarding preservation of evidence and strategy.

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