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Appellate Practice

Craig M. Sandberg is highly regarded for handling significant appeals at all levels of federal and state courts. He recognizes the unique demands of appellate courts and is highly skilled in providing concise and forceful written briefs, along with delivering persuasive oral arguments. And he has worked closely with federal and state court judges through externships and ongoing public service. This added credibility can, in some cases, make the difference between winning and losing on appeal.

Mr. Sandberg is available for consultation or a lead role in your appellate matters. And although the heart of any appellate practice is handling appeals, there are very significant benefits in having Mr. Sandberg assist before and during trial. By working closely with your trial team, he can ensure that issues are properly preserved for appeal and that the trial court record includes all evidence necessary to sustain such arguments. He can also assist with substantive briefing and argument, as well as handle the appeal, both efficiently and effectively – without distracting the trial team from more pressing tasks.

In appropriate cases, Sandberg Law Office, P.C. will handle appeals on a contingent fee or fixed fee basis, essentially aligning our interests with yours. Contact us at (833) SANDBERG or (833) 726-3237, or email us.

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