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Birth Injury Law

The birth of a baby is supposed to be a time of pure celebration and joy, but for parents of children who suffer birth injuries, happy visions of the future are replaced with fear and uncertainty. If your baby has suffered a birth injury, contact Muslin & Sandberg, a birth injury law firm in Chicago, Illinois. Our personal injury attorneys are skilled at litigating and winning complex birth injury cases.


Pregnancy and delivery should be a happy time, free from medical complications. However, when negligence by medical professionals results in injuries or death to a newborn, medical malpractice has taken place.

"Birth injuries" can occur at any point during pregnancy, during delivery, and during newborn care immediately following delivery. Improper handling of a baby during delivery can result in loss of oxygen and brain damage.


Our Chicago, Illinois birth injury lawyers have helped the parents, grandparents and guardians of children with cerebral palsy, Erbs palsy, mental retardation, seizures, and other injuries that have occurred during birth. We know that children with cerebral palsy require special treatment, occupational therapy, medication and attendant care. In some cases, the need for such care may be lifelong. With our specialized knowledge of birth trauma and cerebral palsy, we can often prove that doctors were negligent in failing to prevent such injury and brain damage.

If you are a parent with a special needs child, there are many resources available to help you. If your baby suffered injuries before, during or after birth, our staff (which includes a doctor-lawyer) may be able to help. While cerebral palsy can be caused by things other than birth trauma (including bacterial or viral infections) only experts trained in assessing the management of labor and delivery can determine if your child's injury was related to medical negligence.

Our Chicago birth injury attorneys and experts have identified negligence in cases involving difficult forceps deliveries, difficult vacuum extractions, exceptionally long labor and delivery, low amniotic fluid, twisted, compressed or compromised umbilical cords, a baby that is large for its gestational age, a placental abruption, and other signs of lack of oxygen and/or trauma. Our birth injury lawyers will analyze electronic fetal heart rate monitoring tapes, and fetal PH scalp sampling to determine if your infant was properly monitored during the birth process.

Contact us if you have questions about your child's injuries or disabilities, or if you would like to learn more about your child's right to recover benefits from a negligent medical practitioner.

If your child has been seriously injured, please contact one of our skilled Chicago birth injury lawyers today at (312) 263-7249.

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