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Criminal Defense

To prevail in the criminal justice system, the law firm of Muslin & Sandberg draws on its in-depth knowledge of federal and state criminal laws. Successful defense requires mental dexterity for forging winning strategies, painting defendants in a positive light, and artfully presenting arguments that win over judges and juries. Muslin & Sandberg is an exceptional criminal defense law firm in this respect.

Our team approach is the framework for our success. The firm consists of former prosecutors, bringing together top-level knowledge and experience to the defense of our clients.  Our philosophy is that maintaining an experienced team affords our clients the best possible criminal defense.  Our backgrounds hails from different sides of the justice system, making our collaborative effort uniquely essential to our success. 

While he was an Assistant State’s Attorney with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, Craig M. Sandberg received training by the National District Attorneys Association at the Ernest F. Hollings National Advocacy Center in Columbia, South Carolina. The National Advocacy Center (NAC) is operated by the Department of Justice, Executive Office for United States Attorneys. The facility is located on the campus of the University of South Carolina. In addition to training federal personnel the Center’s mandate also includes the provision of facilities for the training of district attorneys under the auspices of the National District Attorney’s Association (N.D.A.A.).

Overview: Criminal Law

Since 1999, attorney Craig M. Sandberg has served an elite client base in Illinois state courts and federal courts nationwide. His law partner, Steven B. Muslin, has been practicing in the area of criminal law since 1973. 

In Chicago, as elsewhere in Illinois and in federal courts throughout the nation, being charged and convicted of a crime can lead to job loss, a criminal record, and jail time. If you are being investigated, or have been arrested, you need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. Call us at 312-263-7249 for immediate assistance.

Craig and his law partner have represented CEO’s of multi-national corporations, professional athletes, actors and directors, surgeons and other doctors, attorneys, CPA’s, and a wide range of other successful (and highly compensated) professionals. We have also assisted students from major universities throughout the country who were facing serious charges.

Individuals who have a high-profile case and who can afford the best possible criminal defense representation turn to us in their time of need, because they know our commitment to get favorable results pays off. We are serious about criminal defense and protecting your rights. These matters are always urgent, whether you’ve already been charged or are under investigation or are appealing your case to an appellate court. 

Our skilled litigators and support staff constitute a cutting-edge legal services model that leaves conventional legal practice behind: no associate attorneys pressed for billable hours, no bloated “partner” layer to interfere with efficient legal services delivery, and a high-technology mobility that meets the challenges of the globally evolving legal services environment.

When your future is in jeopardy you have the right to take immediate action. We know exactly how much is on the line, and you can count on us to act quickly to protect you, your business, your career and your reputation.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation Throughout Illinois and Federal Courts

The firm’s appearances throughout the local and national media are no accident. We have dedicated our careers to taking on some of the most challenging and, at times, high-profile, criminal defense cases from coast to coast. We have built a reputation on our willingness to put in the work necessary to succeed.

WHITE COLLAR CRIMES (Federal and State)

  • Federal Grand Jury Investigations, State Grand Jury Investigations, Pre-Indictment Investigations
  • Mortgage Fraud, Securities Fraud, Bank Fraud
  • Racketeering, Money Laundering
  • Conspiracy, Aiding and Abetting, Continuing Criminal Enterprise
  • Loan Fraud, Stock Fraud, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud
  • Real Estate Fraud, Business Fraud, Corporate Fraud
  • Healthcare Fraud, Medicare Fraud, Medical Fraud, Insurance Fraud
  • Public Corruption, Bribery, Kickbacks
  • Real Estate Crimes, Real Estate Violations
  • Corporate Internal Investigations, Regulatory Compliance, Regulatory Violations
  • Environmental Crimes, Clean Water Act Violations, Federal and State Environmental Laws
  • Immigration Fraud, Immigration-Related Crimes, Immigration Violations
  • Intellectual Property Crime, Intellectual Property Theft, Larceny
  • Medical Board Accusations, Medical Board Hearings, Administrative Hearings
  • Copyright Infringement, Copyright Crimes
  • Perjury, Investment Fraud, Forgery
  • Organized Crime, Health and Safety Violations, Political Campaign Violations
  • Extortion, Blackmail, Grand Theft, Embezzlement
  • Criminal Contempt, Civil Contempt, Obstruction of Justice
  • Parole Violation Hearings, Probation Violation Hearings
  • Counterfeiting, Receipt of Stolen Property, False Pretenses

NON-WHITE COLLAR CRIMES (Federal, State and Local)

  • Homicide, Murder, Conspiracy to Murder
  • Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, Accessory after the Fact
  • Assault, Battery, Sexual Assault
  • Rape, Statutory Rape, Child Molestation
  • Sex Offenses, Sex Crimes, Lewd Conduct, Prostitution
  • Domestic Violence, Spousal Battery, Criminal Threats
  • False Imprisonment, Kidnapping, Unlawful Restraint
  • Burglary, Robbery, Theft
  • Property Destruction, Malicious Mischief, Offenses Involving Fraud or Deceit
  • Petty Theft, Disturbing the Peace
  • Gun Possession, Illegal Gun Possession, Weapons Violations, Assault with a Deadly Weapons
  • Death Penalty Crimes, Capital Murder, Hate Crimes
  • Juvenile Offenses, Drunk Driving/DUI
  • Trespass, Disturbing the Peace, Resisting Arrest
  • Chicago Municipal Code Violations

We are experts in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and have an intimate knowledge of the sentencing history of most of the federal judges in the district courts in the Chicago area. If necessary, we can consult our network of other practitioners for insight into their experiences before the court.

We have established working relationship with both prosecutors and judges, and use that rapport to obtain a favorable disposition for you, the client. Collectively, the firm’s lawyers have decades of experience in defending felony and misdemeanor criminal cases in Illinois state and juvenile courts and the federal courts; no case is too large or too small.

We, also, have an extensive appeals practice representing defendants in Illinois courts of appeals (First, Second, Third, and Fourth Districts) and U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Circuits.

Focusing on You

Your case is likely the most important thing in your life. Being charged with a crime is a frightening experience. We work closely with our clients to give them the high-level service and knowledgeable defense they need. We will give you the straight answers and personal service you deserve. To discuss your case with one of our dedicated professionals, call 312-263-7249 or email us.

The firm's size allows it to give each client individualized attention from a team of uniquely creative and skilled legal counsel. We pride ourselves on achieving rare results.

The firm was founded on the principle that a boutique criminal defense practice is capable of providing the best legal representation in any court at any time. We invite you to contact us. 

Will you pay more to have the firm represent you? Of course. But it comes back to the fundamental question of how important is it to you to win your case? While the rates charged by us are very competitive, there is no hiding this fundamental fact: The highest quality representation and winning takes time, commitment, and passion. The value that the high profile criminal defense trial team can provide is limitless.

It’s your future. It’s your freedom. Contact us at 312-263-7249 or email us.

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