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16-year old male dies in motor vehicle accident

Type of Injury: Death
Type of Case: Police Motor Vehicle Pursuit
Settlement Amount: Confidential

(Police Motor Vehicle Pursuit) On July 30, 2003, M-16 was a passenger in a vehicle operated by Edet Miles. At approximately West 71st Street between Green and Peoria, the Miles vehicle was observed by Chicago Police Department officers, Alla Awadallah (Star No. 17199), and Joseph Tracey (Star No. 13213), pass them in the opposite direction at a high rate of speed. Officers Awadallah and Tracey caught up to the Miles vehicle at West 74th Street and South Halsted Street, where he was stopped at a red light. Thereafter, the officers turned on their emergency lights and got out of their vehicle to issue Miles a speeding ticket. When the light turned green, Miles sped away from the light. The officers got back into their vehicle in order to catch up to the Miles vehicle to issue a traffic citation. However, when the officers passed underneath the West 75th Street viaduct they observed smoke on the other side of the street and toward West 76th Street. and, then, continued south on South Halsted Street.

Defendants settled this matter after the trial judge, Hon. John B. Grogan, denied their motion for summary judgment on the issue of proximate cause.

Injuries: Plaintiff was transported by ambulance to Christ Hospital, where he was found to have a subdural hematoma and factures of C1 and C2 vertebra. On August 8, 2003, Plaintiff died of multiple injuries due to an automobile accident.

Specials: Medicals: N/A Lost Income: N/A Occupation: N/A

What Each Defendant Paid: Confidential

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