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22-Year Old Male Suffers Displaced Bimalleolar Fracture of the Left Ankle Requiring Open Reduction and Internal Fixation When He was Struck by a Car While Operating His Motorcycle

Type of Injury: Fractured Ankle
Type of Case:
Settlement Amount: $125,000.00

On May 8, 2004, M-22 operated a friend’s 1996 Suzuki motorcycle on North Pulaski Road. At or about 5:15 p.m., Daniel Thompson turned left from a eastbound position on West Thomas Street, which had a stop sign, onto Pulaski. Mr. Thompson did not stop at the intersection. At the same time that Mr. Thompson turned left, the plaintiff was proceeding through that intersection. The plaintiff did not have a traffic control devise that controlled his direction of travel at that intersection. Plaintiff attempted to slow down the motorcycle immediately before the accident, but was unable to stop. The motorcycle struck the side of the vehicle.

Injuries: Plaintiff suffered a displaced bimalleolar fracture of the left ankle with open reduction and internal fixation.

Specials: Medicals: $15,396.65 Lost Income: $5,694.00 Occupation: N/A

What Each Defendant Paid: $125,000.00 Insurance Company: Farmers Insurance Company

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