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22-year old requires reconstructive surgery due to botched breast augmentation

Type of Injury: Surgical Defect
Type of Case: Settlement
Settlement Amount: Confidential

On December 17, 2011, F-22 underwent a breast augmentation (along with liposuction) at a Chicago-based liposuction & cosmetic surgery center. The plaintiff’s breast implants were 500 cc, silicone (gel) implants. The cost of that original procedure was $6,500.

Plaintiff's expert opined that the defendant-physician failed to properly place the implants in their proper locations and were too high. Additionally, the expert opined that the defendant-physician failed to choose the proper implant for the plaintiff's own body, which resulted in a lateralized (too much lateral fullness) breast-implant result. Plaintiff’s expert anticipated that F-22 needs to have breast reconstruction that will include, inter alia, revision breast augmentation and mastopexy. The approximate cost of that surgery is $25,000.

Settlement was reached shortly before the matter was scheduled for trial.

The above summary is specific to a particular case and is not intended as a projected outcome on any other matter.

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