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51-year old male suffers lisinopril-induced lithium toxicity

Type of Injury: Lisinopril-Induced Lithium Toxicity
Type of Case: Medical Malpractice
Settlement Amount: $500,000.00

Prior to June 1, 2011, M-51 was taking lithium prescribed to him by a non-defendant physician. On June 1, 2011, one of the plaintiff’s other physicians, who was aware that the plaintiff was taking lithium, prescribed lisinopril to treat his recently-diagnosed high blood pressure. At the time he prescribed the lisinopril, Defendant was not aware that these medicines might interact and cause the dangerous condition of lithium toxicity. This interaction occurs because the lisinopril makes the kidneys remove extra sodium from the blood, which, in turn, decreases the amount of lithium the kidneys remove thereby increasing the blood levels of lithium. On June 22, 2011, Plaintiff was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was diagnosed with lisinopril-induced lithium toxicity. Plaintiff was discharged from the hospital on July 5, 2011

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