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59-year old male glaucoma patient loses remaining eyesight due to hastily performed surgery

Type of Injury: Blindness following surgery
Type of Case: Settlement
Settlement Amount: Confidential

On August 2, 2010, M-59 underwent Baerveldt implantation. The stated purpose was to control the patient's intraocular pressure ("IOP"). A Baerveldt implant is a glaucoma drainage devices ("GDD") are designed to route fluid (aqueous humor) from the anterior chamber of the eye to an external reservoir. M-59 lost the remaining eyesight in his left eye during this high-pressure phase after the surgery, effectively snuffing out his eyesight. The phenomenon of severe visual loss after surgery is known as "snuff syndrome".

Glaucoma is a chronic condition characterized by progressive pressure/ischemic damage to the optic nerve head. Glaucoma patients with compromised optic nerves are at a higher risk of damage and possibly snuff out due to post-surgical high pressure.

Settlement was reached before the plaintiff's opening statement during jury trial.

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