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64-year old male suffers torn rotator cuff from excessive force of Harvey Police detective

Type of Injury: Torn Rotator Cuff
Type of Case: Civil Rights
Settlement Amount: $100,000.00

On April 8, 2009, shortly before 11:00 p.m., M-64 was operating PACE bus No. 6189, but was stopped at the PACE bus stop located on West 154th Street just east of its intersection with Wood Street in Harvey. Detective Jeff Crocker observed Plaintiff’s bus blocking lanes of eastbound traffic.

The PACE bus pulled away from the bus stop, Crocker pulled up behind it and yelled for Plaintiff to stop the bus, and Plaintiff stopped the bus. Crocker shined his spotlight only, got out of his car while in his plain clothes, and began hurling invectives including calling the plaintiff a “motherfucker” and telling the plaintiff that he “obstructing traffic motherfucker” and Crocker was going to have the “motherfuckin’ bus towed.” Crocker walked around the front of the bus and boarded the bus. Plaintiff stands up to get his wallet where his driver’s license is and Crocker grabs Plaintiff, gets Plaintiff’s arms behind his back, and handcuffed Plaintiff and placed him under arrest.

According to Plaintiff’s call to PACE dispatch, Plaintiff stated the following: “His name was Crockett. He twisted my arm, handcuffed me, took my license, and everything and threatened to tow the bus...The camera got all of this...Harvey Police...He’s gone, but I need to go to the hospital...[gives description of pre-incident events]...He’s says give me your license...A Harvey Police roughed me up for no reason. One little white cop. His name was Crockett. Pull the camera you'll see what happened.” Plaintiff never contacted Harvey Police Department. Ms. Williams did contact the Harvey Police Department and she may have wrongly conveyed the substance of the incident.

Injuries: Left shoulder rotator cuff tear with surgery.

Specials: Medicals: N/A Lost Income: N/A Occupation: Bus Driver

What Each Defendant Paid: City of Harvey paid (a) $100,000.00 to be paid by the City of Harvey on behalf of the defendants; and (b) a guarantee by the City of Harvey to fund the Medicare Set-aside (“MSA”). PACE agreed to a full waiver of its worker’s compensation lien based on the amount paid of $132,041.88+.

Insurance Company: The City of Harvey is self-insured for this settlement.

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