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97-Year Old Nursing Home Resident Fractures Femur When Dropped by Employee

Type of Injury: Broken Femur
Type of Case:
Settlement Amount: $120,000.00

On the morning of the incident, F-97 was finishing getting ready to go to breakfast. One of the defendant’s employees pushed the plaintiff’s wheelchair into the bathroom and assisted her onto the toilet. After washing up, the plaintiff was standing up, while holding onto a handrail, and smoothing out her dress and slip. While standing, Plaintiff’s left leg became weakened and she told the employee to “put the chair up under me...because my left leg getting so weak, I can’t stand up on it.” The employee did not put the wheelchair under the plaintiff, but told her “you better hold on because I drop you.” Plaintiff repeated the same request 2-3 times and received the same response each time. Thereafter, Plaintiff fell backwards and broke her left leg and struck her head on the bathroom’s tile floor.

Injuries: Plaintiff sustained two simple fractures with closed reduction and a closed-head injury. Specifically, she suffered an impaction fracture of the tibial plateau, as well as fracture to the left fibular head and neck.

Specials: Medicals: $15,000 Lost Income: N/A Occupation: N/A

What Each Defendant Paid: Churchview Supportive Living, Inc. ($120,000)

Insurance Company: Churchview Supportive Living, Inc. (Church Mutual Insurance Company)

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