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42-year old male suffers ankle fracture in slip and fall

Type of Injury: Ankle Fracture
Type of Case: Premises Liability
Settlement Amount: $229,695.35

On December 10, 2006, M-42 slipped and was injured outside the residence located at 809 S. Kedvale Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, which was owned by defendant. The reason for fall was due to the hazardous condition of the residence’s sidewalk approach to the house, which was hazardous due to unlevel and/or heaving concrete sidewalk, as well as an unnatural accumulation of ice in the area of the unlevel concrete. At the time of the fall, plaintiff was carrying his then-2-year old daughter, who was not injured in the fall.

Injuries: Plaintiff sustained a fracture to the right ankle requiring a closed-reduction and internal fixation (plate w/ screws), which is not intended to be removed and, thus, is considered permanent. Plaintiff, also, has a 5-inch long, discolored scar on the right rear of ankle from the injury and surgery.

Expert Witnesses: For plaintiff: Jason J. Magnani, MD, who was plaintiff’s treating orthopedic surgeon from Mount Sinai Hospital.

For defendant: N/A Specials: $21,895.35 Lost Income: $7,800.00 Property Damage: N/A


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